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Inspired by Grandma Anna’s magical kitchen & quaint Ukrainian village.

We serve authentic Ukrainian food in Arizona since 2010.

Imagine: You find yourself wandering the paths of cozy town. Small homes nestled amidst blossoming gardens tempt you to explore. You find a short, half-hidden path that leads into a welcoming courtyard. In no time, you smell the mouthwatering aroma piping from the kitchen of a small cottage. Grandma Anna leans out the window, smiling, as she blends together fare from the woodlands. Her life is simple, but her culinary skills are complex. She fills her recipes with hand-picked fixings and the most important ingredient in the world: love.


At All Pierogi, our modest and refined taste in Eastern European specialty dishes come straight from Grandma Anna. We make dishes passed down over 8 decades ago from Grandma Anna’s home in Kopychyntsi, a small village in Ternopil province , Ukraine. All Pierogi presents a truly fairytale experience centered on indulgence. Staying true to Grandma Anna, we make all our food from scratch and never use any preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors. This is because we believe in keeping our food fresh and healthy. Every mouthful is a wonderful journey into discovering fantastic flavors and textures, served in a comforting arrangement. Here you can eat diverse culinary foods not easily found in Arizona. Of course, don’t forget about our European-style chocolate and - did somebody say honey? - Yes, our famous honey cakes.


***DId you know?“Pierogies” is not a word!


Pierogi (pih-ROH-ghee) is the plural word for these filled dumplings. There are different names depending on the country in which they are made. Because pierogi is the Polish word, one singular dumpling is actually called a pieróg (pih-ROHG). In Ukraine, they also called varényky (pl) or varényk (s).

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